ICPS World Forum in Climate Change: Building a Sustainable Future
28th October - 1st November 2019, London, UK

Forum Overview


Of all risks, it is in relation to the environment that the world is most clearly sleepwalking into catastrophe.

World Economic Forum Risk Report, 2019

In the recent wake of statements from scientists, policy-makers, and heads of state, it has become clear that Climate Change is the biggest threat to our planet and building a sustainable future is the number one priority.

Climate Change is multifaceted issue: from International Security to Finance and Business, from Technology and Urban Development to Energy and Policy-Making. The challenges are diverse! This unique forum aims to provide a clearer understanding and meaningful insight into Climate Change and its impacts.

By applying strategic planning tools and examining best practice case studies, participants will leave equipped to formulate and implement sustainable strategies with regards to mitigating climate change and adapting to its effects.

Through the application of theory to practice, learners will be able to better comprehend the various implications of Climate Change and its impact on and see about the best methods to implement sustainable policies and strategies in areas such the regulation of waste and carbon emissions, the implementation of sustainable urban plans, the development of the right tools to promote cost-effective and climate-friendly innovations, and the right policies to prevent conflict as a direct consequence to Climate Change.

Through a series of interactive learning sessions and discussions, as well as networking with experts from all around the world, this forum aims to provide delegates with the tools to build a better and sustainable future.

This innovative forum will give the opportunity to delegates to gain the most out of interactive and insightful training on a wide range of specialist topics, useful both for professional advancement and for policy setting. In addition to training, ICPS offers attendants the opportunity to expand their professional network by networking with delegates and sponsors in our sponsorship-designated area.   As such, delegates can choose to get both exciting training opportunities in areas they work on and areas they have a strong interest in, but also to gather around a drink and some snack to talk business behind the stage.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Changing the perceptions of security in relation to Climate Change
  • Climate change and displacement: migration, Climate Change adaptation and “trapped communities”
  • Climate Change Finance: The costs of the impact of Climate Change and its risk to the global economy
  • Climate Change and Policy-Making: Developing sustainable policies for good governance
  • Climate change and Infastructure: Adapting cities to Climate Change and Climate Change urbanisation
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